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Experiences in the South African bush only gain real value when they’re relayed with detail by being told or via photos or videos shown to others. In a comfortable place, over a drink, or a meal. A place where the dress code is ‘relaxed’, where you can watch the sun set. A place that’s cool in summer, warm in winter and where positive energy flows freely. The Bike Village at Summerplace Game Reserve is that place.

The Bike Village is where you check in when you arrive and where you check out when you leave. It provides the bookends to your piece of peace… After the 15-minute drive from the main gate, it’s where you start to experience the warm hospitality of the reserve. For many first-time visitors, The Bike Village is where their feelings of trepidation are eased. You can’t sense energy from what you see on a website, but The Bike Village has this way of making you feel settled and calm. It’s where you start your relaxation before you head to your accommodation.

It began as the place where guests would meet to start mountain bike rides. A central point where you can grab a fresh coffee, pump your tyres and discuss the planned ride. It’s still that place, but now also so much more. It’s still called The Bike Village because Summerplace grew into a place people want to visit through the fantastic mountain bike trails network. Also, a village is a community, not a single building. A village is where you can give and receive support, praise, inspiration and advice. That’s The Bike Village.

It can get cold at Summerplace in winter. An icy Waterberg wind brings the temperatures down. But with the doors closed, the fireplace crackling and the comfortable couches calling, The Bike Village makes a great place to relax or play board games while sipping coffee or red wine.

In summer, Limpopo is one of the hottest provinces in the country. The Bike Village delivers the ideal oasis for guests. With the doors wide open and the ceiling fans spinning, seating inside or on the veranda offers solace from the searing sun while sipping on cooldrinks, craft gin or ice-cold beer. The Bike Village swimming pool offers an additional cooling-off opportunity.

Technically, The Bike Village is one single building. But over time it’s undergone expansion to incorporate office space, a larger kitchen, a fireplace, storage for catering items, a retail store, a bike rental kiosk, a bicycle workshop, a larger veranda and a coffee and beverages bar. There’s also lush green lawn out front where kids play and dogs enjoy daytime naps.

A boma and firepit ensure an idyllic outdoor setting for evening braais and social banter. The crisp night sky is pollution-free, so the stars are brighter and more visible and the sounds of the bushveld more vivid.

We have a permanent chef which ensures we can host all occasions at The Bike Village. Landmark Birthdays, Bushveld Weddings, Youth Skills Camps, Cycling Club Weekend Escapes, Business Conferences, Bike Industry Launches and Mountain Bike Events – just some of the notable occasions that we have successfully.

Everyone that visits Summerplace Game Reserve spends some time at The Bike Village. It’s not just a reception area. It’s not just a place to eat and drink. It’s not just a place to relax. It’s not just a place to rent bikes. It’s not just a place to socialise. It’s all of that and more because The Bike Village is the soul of Summerplace…

To experience the soul of Summerplace, book your accommodation here.

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