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Summerplace Game Reserve recently welcomed Bachengu, a Roan Antelope breeding bull who will ensure the continued success of the re-introduction of Roan Antelope into the Waterberg. The name Bachengu comes from Ba (Northern Sotho for ‘they’) and Chengu (Shona for Roan Antelope). He is nine-and-a-half years old and he comes from a free-range system at Nondo, a partner game reserve to Summerplace.

“We unfortunately lost a Roan Antelope breeding bull last year to a maggot infestation in his ear. We wanted to bring in some new genes and the timing was right to bring Bachengu from Nondo where he has successfully fathered three years’ worth of calves,” said John Mackie, Head of Conservation at Summerplace Game Reserve.

“Another bull was ready to take over the herd at Nondo and we also ran the risk of Bachengu breeding with his own daughters. Bachengu is a very large, strong bull with horns measuring 31 inches each. He should  be able to breed for another two to three years at Summerplace,” added Mackie.

The goal is to diversify the gene pool further to ensure the continued success of the Roan Antelope project at Summerplace, which you can read about here.

Watch the video of Bachengu’s arrival and release here.

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