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The seventh annual Waterberg Training Camp will take place at Summerplace Game Reserve in January 2024. Based on the popularity of these camps, they have proven to be a great way for families to experience a weekend away and for kids to improve their skills knowledge and confidence on their mountain bikes. Here’s why you should book soon!

In a world where electronic screens are more attractive than ever, the importance of kids finding balance and having fun outdoors away from screens is growing. But how do you get a kid to leave his/her highly engaging screen attraction and spend time outside. By making it fun, that’s how. A kid that’s in control of his/her mountain bike is going to try more things, have more fun and spend more time riding.

We live in a country with a generally temperate climate, ideal for outdoor activities all year round. So, it makes sense to ensure your kids have healthy outdoor time. School sport plays a big part of this, but during school holidays, riding mountain bikes is a great way to keep kids engaged outside. Our Waterberg Training Camp is designed to give your kids an increased level of competence on a mountain bike. Here’s what you can expect:

A fun weekend away

Starting on Friday 12 January and concluding on Sunday 14 January, the Waterberg Training Camp includes two nights and three days, which means a weekend away. This usually sees the whole family embrace the opportunity to have a final summer holiday excursion. We offer a range of self-catering accommodation – from camping to luxury lodges – to suit all budgets and Summerplace Game Reserve is only a 2hr15min drive from Pretoria and less than 3 hours from Joburg.

A structured programme

The Waterberg Training Camp at Summerplace follows a structured programme. This ensures that each rider gets equal amounts of time learning each skill as we rotate the groups between the main skills that are on the roster. While there is a pre-set programme, it does include down time, which allows the kids to ride freely too and implement what they have learned.

Qualified instructors

The Waterberg Training Camp has multiple qualified skills instructors. They have completed one or more of the PMBIA courses to a global industry certification standard and each has experience in skills instruction and ride-guiding, so they are able to quickly identify any poor form and help the riders work on improvement. Our instructors all have experience working with youth.

Meals are included

There are three daily meals included in the fee for the Waterberg Training Camp – breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are simple, but wholesome meals prepared at the Summerplace Game Reserve Bike Village and are available for youth camp participants and their families. A separate meal-only fee is payable for those not doing the skills camp training.

It’s social

Our Waterberg Training Camps attract kids from various provinces. Being placed in small groups helps the kids make new friends and form shared bonds with others. This social interaction is important for kids, especially in a post-Covid world where in-person engagement was restricted. Friendships started through a shared passion such as mountain biking are enduring.

World-class MTB venue

Summerplace Game Reserve is a world-class mountain biking venue. The trails are built, marked and maintained by a full-time crew. There are trails to suit all levels of mountain biker and the skills area in front of the Bike Village has been designed specifically to help develop confidence and progression on popular trail features, such as rocky roll-downs, small drop-offs, small jumps and berms.

To find out more, or to book for the 2024 Waterberg Training Camp at Summerplace Game Reserve, click here.

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